600 students, members of Redes 2025
3,139 family members
1600 audience members in the concerts (capacity of 400 people per concert)
It offers work to New York’s musicians and teachers
It increases the level of musicianship and artistry of the children and youth receiving the master classes
It gives the child a sense of identity to stay and work in Mexico
It inspires the student and the teacher to share human values through music and at the same time achieve a level of musical excellency .
It offers the teacher to make a social and community labor.

REDES 2025

is a music education program organized by Centro de Artes Musicales that takes into account the future of music in northwest Mexico and the Baja California orchestra. Through a vast network of both children and youth orchestras, the program strives to forge musicians who will later become professional artists. REDES 2025 also seeks to foster new audiences by involving the participants’ families and their communities in all of the program’s musical and cultural events, as well as those organized by affiliated networks.

Banco de (horas clase):

a fund that goes directly to pay the fees of the teachers at the Centro de Artes Musicales. These funds are raised from donors in general, public and private foundations, annual giving programs, deferred giving and capital fund drives.




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